PODCAST?: What happens when you ask your kids, what do you think life will be like in the future?

Mummy on a Break

Episode Description

So the pandemic happened, which meant that we were in family lockdown 24/7. To start with it was really frustrating. Trying to do the mummy juggle with what felt like watermelons. But also the most amazing thing started to happen. I actually started to get to know my kids a lot better. One thing that became really obvious was how much they like to talk. I mean honestly, I thought I talked non stop but my kids seem to have constant verbal diarrhoea. So I thought it would be amusing to hear what they had to say mixed with my serious take on life. So here it is. This is what my kids have to say about what life will be like in the future. And believe me when I tell you I haven’t edited this.

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