Merton reopening for business: show your support for local traders

Last Saturday even more local businesses in Merton– pubs and bars, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers and barbers as well as hotels and B&Bs reopened their doors.

Stephen Alambritis, Leader of Merton Council reached out to the community and points out:

“In Merton we have 6,000 businesses of varying sizes, but a great proportion of those are small businesses, family firms, local companies. As these businesses begin to open once again, the support of you, their customers, has never been more important.

That is why my message to you is clear; come and show your support to your local traders – they need your custom to stay alive.

Support doesn’t need to be a physical presence; below are four ways you can help your local traders get through these tough financial times.”

Ways to support your local businesses:

  1. Shop locally shop online: Many smaller businesses who have not previously offered an online service may have started during lockdown, so check to see if you can support your local trader through their website as well as in person.
  2. Order takeaway food and drink: Although many restaurants and cafes had to close their doors to traders for table service, many reopened for takeaway and delivery. With a reduction in the number of customers that can be served in restaurants due to social distancing, many small businesses may start or continue to offer a takeaway service. So rather than turning to the big delivery platforms, give your local restaurant a call or pop to your favorite café instead.
  3. Leave good reviews: A good way to support your local business is to follow them on social media or leave a good review online. This will not only help to spread the word of how the business has adapted during lockdown, but will also reach new audiences and show people their business is a safe place to shop.
  4. Reschedule missed appointments: To assure local businesses that they still have your business, reschedule an appointment for a future date. 

By Councillor Stephen Alambritis, Leader of Merton Council (Read full letter published on Merton Council Website).

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