⚠️Coronavirus tests in the CR4 area (enhanced tests)

We are asking all adults in the CR4 postcode area to take a coronavirus test, even if they don’t have symptoms.

Enhanced testing is being carried out in eight areas of the country, including the CR4 area around Pollards Hill, following the confirmation of an isolated number of cases of the South African variant of COVID-19.

How to get a test

About this testing programme

This is not an immediate health emergency. This testing programme aims to closely monitor any community spread of the South African variant and restrict any further transmission through isolating cases, so we can protect the local community Merton.

It is now important that as many people as possible get a test so we can track any cases of the new variant as soon as possible to stop it spreading in Merton.

There is no evidence to show the South African variant of COVID-19 is more dangerous, however it does seem that the variant may spread more easily, so it is important that we trace it quickly to stop any local transmission happening.

The rapid testing we have available at Morden Assembly Hall is not suitable for identifying the South African variant – so we want to provide a test in your area that keeps you safe by showing if you have been exposed.

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